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5:00PM - 6:00PM

Y Haplogroups and the Peopling of Europe

Presenter: Jim Brewster

Sponsored by Jim Brewster

The earliest humans evolved in Africa tens of thousands of years ago. From here they spread all across the globe in distinct migratory patterns that we call haplogroups. Several of these haplogroups entered Europe in successive waves. This presentation will cover the major haplogroups found in Europe and explain when and how they migrated there.

Intermediate. Online database savvy and can locate/read deeds, vital records, wills, and church records., Advanced. Very experienced, including early US and foreign records.
DNA: all levels, Migration: emigration/immigration; naturalization; migration routes
Armenian and its Caucasus, Canadian-English, Canadian-French, Dutch, Eastern European/Russian, English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Scottish, Southern European, Swedish / Norwegian / Danish / Finnish