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Genetic Genealogy


3:30PM - 4:30PM

Welcome to DNAGedcom

Presenter: Rob Warthen

DNA analysis requires the use of third party tools to be effective. This presentation is an introduction to the tools at DNAGEDCOM including the DNAGEDCOM Client, Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer, GWORKS, JWORKS, and KWORKS. The attendees will have an understanding of what each tool is used for, how to set up each tool for use, and where to get help. This topic is not recommended for DNA beginners.

Intermediate. Online database savvy and can locate/read deeds, vital records, wills, and church records., Advanced. Very experienced, including early US and foreign records.
DNA: all levels, Software/Apps: Mac-specific, Software/Apps: PC-specific, Other
Not specific as to geography or ethnicity