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5:00PM - 6:00PM

DNA and Uncovered Secrets: Help and Support

Presenter: Barbara Rae-Venter, JD, PhD

DNA testing is uncovering misattributed parentage, donor children, adoptions, and other secrets everyday. How to best handle these secrets is not new. This presentation provides key concepts that enable the best possibility for a positive outcome by leveraging the lessons learned over the last 50 years by the adoption search community as well as providing reputable resources to turn to for help.

Beginner. Just starting to do family history., Intermediate. Online database savvy and can locate/read deeds, vital records, wills, and church records., Advanced. Very experienced, including early US and foreign records.
Digital Resources: database tools/strategies; web tools (i.e. Google); general interest, DNA: all levels
Not specific as to geography or ethnicity